《前線 · 焦點》 “FOCUS AT THE FRONTLINE" – 比賽細則 Contest Rules

(English Version is available after the Chinese version)

  1. 所有新聞工作者,不論是報章、雜誌還是網上新聞記者均可參加,新聞工作者包括專職攝影記者及文字記者,如: 突發新聞記者、靜態新聞記者、體育新聞記者、娛樂新聞記者、財經新聞記者與副刊各版記者,以及涉及新聞採訪的自由攝影師 (freelance photographer)。(自由攝影師須以新聞攝影為恆常工作)
  2. 不論作品是否曾經被刊登或發表,不論拍攝地點是否在香港,中國還是海外,均可參賽。
  3. 參賽者均需填寫參賽表格。本會會員免費參賽。非會員參賽費為港幣三百元正,並在 2018 年 2 月 25 日或之前繳交參賽費用,否則影響參賽資格。
  4. 比賽截止日期及時間為 2018 年 2 月 17 日(星期六) 早上4時59分,逾時遞交參賽資料的參賽者將不獲參賽資格。另外,由於網絡流量所限,為避免限期前出現網絡擠塞,做成延誤,敬請盡早上載參賽作品。
  5. 所有參加圖片比賽的作品必須具備圖片說明,否則作品將會被取消資格,並不會作另行通知。
  6. 同一張照片只能參加一個組別 ,不可重複。但參賽者可揀選圖片故事內其中一張圖片參加 A~F 其中一個組別。
  7. 比賽獨立籌委會可以在評判篩選前預審視先比賽照片,並可在同一事件,同類新聞性質或同類時機情況下調組。調組後將通知參賽者。
  8. 圖片比賽每組分別設冠、亞、季軍各一名,另選不多於三張優異作品,評不須於每一組均選出「優異」作品。多媒體比賽只設冠、亞、季軍各一名。各位得獎者可獲贈獎品及獎狀。
  9. 所有得獎者作品將用作展覽與場刊用途。本會有權使用得獎作品作宣傳用途而毋須另外付費,事前不會通知參賽者或徵詢其意見。
  10. 參賽作品版權由參賽者自行負責,如因被刊登或使用而引致索償或訴訟,本會概不負責。
  11. 圖片比賽得獎作品將由評判於評審日選出。《前線。焦點》新聞攝影比賽獨立籌委會及本會有權拒絕或取消任何作品的參賽資格。所有參賽作品概不發還。如有任何爭議,獨立籌委會擁有最終決定權。評判及獨立籌委會成員不可參加比賽。
  12. 圖片比賽參賽作品的後期製作必須符合現行的新聞攝影圖片編輯原則 (除一般剪裁、某程度上改變光暗、色調、反差傳統暗房對照片能修改之調整外,以電腦或人工竄改、合成、作假、多次曝光之作品一律不接受; 如拍攝或後期使用濾,或app的特別效果,須在圖片說明註明; 接受多次曝光,但不能被誤以為是一次曝光拍攝)。比賽獨立籌委會或其委任之獨立人士可向參賽者索取圖片原始檔, 並由評判作編輯原則的定議作最後決定。
  13. 參賽者必須同意並遵守本章程所訂之規則。如有疑問,可於本會的Facebook page提出,亦可直接聯絡各執委。
  1. The Contest is open to all professional reporters and photojournalists of all sections in newspapers, magazines, and online media. Freelance photographers who consider news photography as a major part of of their work are also welcomed.
  2. Photographs taken in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and any other overseas countries are welcomed, regardless of whether or not they have been published in any publication.
  3. All participants should fill in the entry form. There is no entry fee for members of HKPPA. For non-members, the entry fee is HK$300. Please pay the entry fee by Feb. 25, 2018 or you may not be eligible for the competition.
  4. Deadline for entry submission is February 17, 2018 (Sat) at 04:59 a.m. Late submissions will be disqualified. Please submit early to avoid any technological problems.
  5. All submitted pictures must include a photo caption, any pictures without a caption will be disqualified without prior notice.
  6. Entering multiple categories with the same photograph is not allowed, with the exception of entering ONE image selected from each photo essay into category A~F.
  7. The Independent Organising Committee will review images and may change categories of the submitted image to group similar images of same event. They will inform the contestant if change is made.
  8. There will be one champion, first runner-up and second runner-up for each category. Winners will be awarded a prize and certificate. There will be no more than three honorable mentions in each category. Not each category requires honorable mentions.
  9. The winners’ photographs will be exhibited and/or be used in an exhibition catalogue. HKPPA reserves the right to use the winners’ photographs for marketing purposes free-of-charge without prior consultation with the winners.
  10. Participants should clear the copyright of their photographs and make sure they can be exhibited if won. HKPPA is not responsible for copyright issues.
  11. The jury’s decisions for photo categories will be made on the judging day. The “Focus at Frontline" photo contest independent organising committee and HKPPA reserves the right to disqualify any photographs for the contest. The submitted materials will not be returned. Should there be any disputes, the decision of the independent organising committee will be final. The members of the jury and the independent organising committee are not allowed to enter in this competition.
  12. The content of an picture must not be altered. Processing of photographs should conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry (Digital manipulation which adds, rearranges, reverses, distorts or removes people or objects from within the frame is not permitted. A note must be placed in the caption when filter or special effects was used. Multiple exposure is acceptable but image cannot be appear to be made with single exposure). The independent organising committee or its independent appointee may request RAW or original files of the picture for review and provide those findings to the jury.
  13. Participants must abide by the above rules. For inquiries, please approach any committee member or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Hong Kong Press Photographers Association