Focus on the Frontline” 2021 photo competition

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The judging of the annual “Focus on the Frontline” 2021 photo competition concluded today (Saturday, May 28, 2022). The jury received 949 photographs and 75 series of photo stories submitted from 82 photojournalists.

This year’s Photo of the Year was awarded to “Pillar of Shame” by HK01’s photojournalist Liu Ngan Hung.  The jury thinks “the Pillar of Shame reflects the Hong Kong people’s sustained concern over June 4th, which is also a yearning and worries for the country’s democratisation. As workers removed the pillar in the twilight, it symbolises the freedoms of thought and expression once cherished in Hong Kong being dispossessed. The lighting condition and framing of the photograph gives it a baroque aesthetic, bringing tension to the work. The posture of workers lowering their heads to avoid being photographed and the darkness that envelopes the action are metaphorical, constructing a meaning that is more than the sum of all the visual elements in the image.

The results are as follows:

Photo of the Year 2021

Award Winner:    Liu Ngan Hung / HK01

(A) 突發新聞 Spot News (Total Submissions: 87  )

First Prize: Liu Ngan Hung / HK01 

Second Prize:  Lam Oi Yee /  Ming Pao

Third Prize:  So Ching Him/ Sing Tao Daily

Honorable Mention: Ho Wai Lee Michael / Right News

Honorable Mention:  Lai Ka Wai / CitizenNews

Honorable Mention:  Vernon Yuen / Freelance Photographer

(B) 一般新聞 General News (Total Submissions:  252)

First Prize:  Leung Man Hei / Freelance Photographer

Second Prize: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Third Prize: Louise Delmotte /  Freelance Photographer

Honorable Mention: Leung Cho Yi / Freelance Photographer

Honorable Mention: Sam Tsang Kwok Chung/ South China Morning Post 

Honorable Mention: Louise Delmotte/ Freelance Photographer

(C) 人物 Portrait (Total Submissions:  166)

First Prize:  Chan Kit San / Stand News

Second Prize: Ha Ka Long / Stand News

Third Prize: Chan Cheuk Fai/  Initium Media

Honorable Mention: Lam Oi Yee/ Ming Pao

Honorable Mention: Leung Cho Yi / Freelance Photographer

Honorable Mention:  So Ching Him/ Sing Tao Daily

(D) 體育 Sports (Total Submissions:  84)

First Prize: Yeung Pak Yin/ Ming Pao

Second Prize:  Wu Chia Sheng /Central News Agency

Third Prize:  Li Chi Wa /China News Service

Honorable Mention:   Ko Sze Kei Eden/ HK01

Honorable Mention:   Ko Sze Kei Eden/ HK01

Honorable Mention:   Lee Yui Chit Eugene/ Sing Tao Daily

(E) 特寫 Feature (Total Submissions:  219)

First Prize: Li Chi Wa/ China News Service

Second Prize:  Tang Chung Wang/Ming Pao

Third Prize: So Ching Him / Sing Tao Daily

Honorable Mention :  Lam Yik /  Freelance Photographer

Honorable Mention : Wang Yan Ning Bertha / Freelance Photographer

Honorable Mention :  Fu Chun Wai/ Next Magazine

(F) 自然與環境 Nature & Environment (Total Submissions:  141)

First Prize:  Chan Cheuk Fai / Initium Media

Second Prize:  Lai Ka Wai / CitizenNews

Third Prize:  Winson Wong Wing Chun/ South China Morning Post

Honorable Mention: Lee Yui Chit Eugene / Sing Tao Daily

Honorable Mention: Lee Yui Chit Eugene / Sing Tao Daily

(G) 圖片故事 Photo Story  (Total Submissions:  75)

First Prize:  Louise Delmotte / Freelance photographer

Second Prize:  Tsang Tsz Yeung / Freelance Photographer

Third Prize:  Tang Chung Wang/ Ming Pao

Honorable Mention: Kent Chuang / Taiwan Panorama

Honorable Mention: Lam Oi Yee / Ming Pao

Honorable Mention: Mak Kwan Kit Alan / Ta Kung Wen Wei Media

“Focus On The Frontline” photo contest first began in 1993 and has been one of the largest photo competitions in Hong Kong and one of the most prestigious awards for photojournalists. Through this competition, we would like to feature photographs that are important to history, combined with elements of art and journalism taken by photojournalists within the year. Also to provide recognition of their great work and give an insight to the works of photojournalists and the media to the general public.

The members of the jury panel are as follows:

Joseph Fung Hon-Kee, Adjunct Lecturer, HKU SPACE, Post Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography

Cheung King Ling, Former Photo Editor

Eric Poon, Associate Professor of Practice , School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK  

Leon Suen Shu-Kwan, Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University Journalism Department Post-graduate Study

Rachel Ip Hiu-Yin, Lecturer, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Department of Creative Arts

Fung Hoi Kin, Photojournalist

Lam Chun Tung, Senior Photojournist 

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